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    Driving On The Wrong Side


    This weekend, while running some errands I happened to see a woman driving on the wrong side of the street. A police car pulled up a few cars behind her, but on the right side. She turned left he turned right and that was the end of it. Now, if this had been me I would have been pulled over and, at the least, ticketed. However, this "white" woman was allowed to continue on with her day. She was not too old to be given a pass or too young to not know better, she was middle aged like me. This case was clearly an example of white privilege.

    My immediate response was to share this with my friends on Facebook. My white friend responded with a post about how she was stopped in an urban area and was asked why she was there and told girls like here don't belong in that neighborhood. My brother, on the other hand, shared a story of how a local coffee house called the police to come question him (they covered my asking him if he was homeless) because he had been sitting too long drinking his coffee and working on his computer.

    I don't play the race card often because everything is not always about race. Somethings are about money. Some things are about upbringing. And quite frankly, somethings are just ignorance. However, people prove in this country, over and over again, time after time, that America is still a racist country.

    We continue to perpetuate things by the way we teach our children. Some white people teach their children that color does not matter. Although this is appreciated, this becomes a problem for the other 63% of America that is not white. Because for us it does matter. It matters from the moment we are born till the day we die. We are stereotyped, we are shamed, we are arrested, we are denied employment… WE ARE KILLED. Color matters. Instead of teaching children not to see color, teach them that all color is beautiful, all color is to be respected, all color deserves the same chances that they do. All life matters. And when you see an injustice to any person you stand up and say something. When you see groups like Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, understand they are not trying to exclude you or demean you. They are fighting for equality for all people, and as long as this country denies it, they will continue to fight.

    We define ourselves by separation. Let me make this perfectly clear. I am a beautiful black woman. I come from a long line of beautiful black women. I am proud of who I am and where I come from. However, I am not an African-American. This "politically correct" term is an insult to my lineage. I have not ever seen Africa, my mother and father were not born in Africa, and neither were their parents. I would absolutely love to visit one day, but I do not want to live there. Just like I don't want to live in France, Mexico, or Australia. Through all its good and bad, I am an American. I am just as proud to be an American as I am of the color of my skin. When you tell me all you will ever accept seeing of me is my African ancestry you are disrespecting my Grandmother, and I am not ok with that. I am an American. I am a black woman. I am of African descent, Native American descent, French descent, Irish descent, German descent and more. I am who I am. If you can't understand that, then I can't help you.

    We have tendency in this country to pretend the past didn't happen. For the record, my African ancestors did not migrate to America for better jobs. They were unwillingly shackled, stripped, examined, thrown below the deck of slave ships, whipped into submission, raped, and forced to work for a white man for not only their entire lives but the lives of their children and their children's children.

    The flag that was taken down in South Carolina has never been the official flag of the Confederacy. In fact it is not even any of the three flags that were flown during the war. The flag that was removed became prominent during the 50s by states that wanted to show their defiance to the government and racial equality.

    Columbus did not prove the earth was round. Pythagoras wrote about it in the six Century B.C. Columbus did not discover America. How can you discover a place when people already live there? When he arrived in the Bahamas he notated how kind and honest the natives were and that they had no weapons or prisons. Then he immediately seized their land and enslaved them. If they tried to escape, he had them burned alive. He sold their girls, as young as 9, into sexual slavery and feed their babies to attack dogs.

    All black people aren't lazy. All Jamaicans don't have multiple jobs. Gay men don't want every man. Just because a woman is mad does not mean she is experiencing PMS. All white people are not racist.

    Parents get involved in your children's education. The public school system cannot be the only education they receive. When the history books are inaccurate you need to fill in the blanks and correct them. When the math gets tough, you need to help or get a tutor to help so they don't get stuck. Inspire them to learn about science and math as well as sports and entertainment, while you stay updated with computers and technology. Make your child take responsibility for their actions when they are young so that they understand that there are consequences when they get older. Teach them to love all people, respect others, and most of all respect themselves. You have a very difficult job, utilize your village, it was never meant for you to parent alone. If you don't have a village, find one. If you have a lazy village, get a new one.

    Let's stop perpetuating racism, classism, and white privilege in this country by what we are teaching our children. If we cover up our past we are deemed to repeat it. Stop hiding the truth.

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